Group photo sharing and chat
made simple

Privately share and request photos
with anyone in your phone

With Lasso, you can share and request your favorite photos with anyone in your address book by simply creating Lasso groups.

Even if your friends and family aren’t on Lasso yet, you can still share and request photos with non-Lasso users via SMS.

Getting the photos you want from a recent event is simple with Lasso innovative request system - choose the types of photos you want to receive from sporting events, vacations, or holidays and select who you would like to send them. Friends will receive a notification asking them to attach and send photos back to you instantly.

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Share in an instant

Lasso makes it easy to share and request photos from your most recent event on the go. No need to upload photos to the app – just select photos from your camera roll, choose your Lasso group, and share away!

Built in chat allows you to have fun, personal conversations you don’t want to broadcast on social media.

Print your Lasso photos

And now you can print your favorite group photos directly from the app! Turn your digital photos into something beautiful you can take home.

The Lasso in-app printing offers you a number of different print products from home decor, to canvas prints, to photo books, and other photo gifts! Your Lasso prints will be shipped directly to your doorstep.

When you download Lasso you’ll receive special offers to the print shop.

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